“I worked with Rony on GMAT quant for around 10 hours over 6 weeks between my first and second attempts at the GMAT. I had been disappointed by my initial results but am pleased to say I managed to increase overall score by 50 points, with most of the improvement in the quant. Rony was an excellent tutor and really helped me to understand the concepts by providing multiple approaches to problems and figuring out which worked best for me, as well as helping me to develop strategies to maximize my study time.”

– Chelsea Omel (GMAT 720, MBA 2015, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto)

“Rony is an incredible tutor! I was prepping to write the GRE and needed severe help in math. I hadn’t done anything like what was included in the quantitative section in years. Previous to Rony, I actually spent the $700 on a commercial GRE prep course and can honestly say I got way more out of 12+ hours of one-on-one time with Rony than I did in that 30 hour course and the free repeat of it that I also took. He truly cares about the student and has many ways to go about teaching various concepts in order for each student to better comprehend the material. He is very accommodating to help schedule times and session that best worked for me. Rony genuinely cared about my success (including an email after my GRE asking how I did!) and ensured that I was getting the most out of the sessions. He assigned homework/practice questions (based on my availability and schedule) and sent links for online testing, etc. He is truly more concerned about the student learning than he is the compensation. Although I hopefully will never again require a math tutor, for anyone who is looking for one, I can vouch for his incredible math teaching skill  and capabilities a nd am confident that his other areas of expertise are just as impressive. THANKS, RONY!”

– Britt Kleine (MA Sport Management 2014, Drexel University) 


“Rony is the real deal. I had written the GMAT previously and failed to achieve my target score. I was given a second chance by the institution to improve my score (specifically in the quantitative section) in order to gain admission for the fall. The catch was I only had two weeks to do it. I found Rony online and couldn’t have found a better tutor to help me reach my goal. He has all the tools (books, CAT practice tests, knowledge and patience) to help improve your score and understanding of the GMAT format. Rony’s strongest attribute as a teacher is his ability to explain problems in multiple ways. Whenever I would have difficulty with a particular problem or concept, Rony would ask me to talk him through my thought process on tackling the problem. His study schedule/lesson plans were right on, helping me improve my skills drastically over the two-week period and peak on test day. With Rony’s instruction I was able to boost my total score by 140 points and scaled quantitative score by 15 points. In the end I achieved a total score of 690 with a scaled score of 47 in the quantitative section. And we did it in just two weeks! I highly recommend Rony; I couldn’t have done it with out him!”

– Scott Laws (GMAT 720, MBA 2015, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto) 


Rony is an excellent tutor. He always went a step forward when I had questions. He explained to me in 2 or 3 ways how to solve a question. He was available to answer my questions when we are not in classes. I sent several emails and almost immediately I had a very clear answer which allow me to continue my home study in peace. Since I am not a native speaker, I thought that I could not improve my GMAT score as soon as I needed, but during a month I boosted my score in 110 points. He is very patient and clear in his explanations. He is a professional. For example, he made a diagnose when we first met and then we established a plan to achieve the result that I was looking for. He gave me a lot of tips and he lead me through the process of acing the GMAT (daily homework, strategy, time management, etc). Rony is the man!

– Baggie Cuchacovich (MBA 2016, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto)


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